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About NTMR

NTMR is an addiction treatment facility management firm. With access to development and operational resources, as well as a foundation of industry knowledge, we are able to assess and confirm the viability of your facility’s operations. By combining expertise with innovation we are able to formulate systems and execute strategies that are both effective and efficient.

NTMR was born out of the culmination of experience owning and operating a drug and alcohol facility, spanning over 25 years. We have experienced the highest highs and lowest lows this industry has to offer. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you realize that its constantly changing and very much trial and error for everyone, including us.

Along the way, we’ve spent countless days and endless nights brainstorming, strategizing, experimenting, failing, and frankly, questioning if we’re even in the right industry.

True Industry Grit

Retrospectively, many of the mistakes we made could have been avoided having the industry knowledge we have today. We have paid our dues, having survived years of triumph and loss. Our experience is our durability and our durability is authentic.

NTMR understands and relates to your challenges from a treatment center perspective. We strategize and execute from an optimization rich, results-driven perspective. We are not a marketing company qualifying our own marketing product. We are a managing firm for our own treatment centers who qualify our services.

NTMR represents true industry grit. To put it frankly, we do what we say we’re going to do, we deliver what we agree to deliver, and do so when we say we will.

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