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Retargeting In Addiction Treatment

Have you ever researched a product, and then noticed that the same product is showing up on other website advertisement blocks? This is Retargeting. Basically, a website uses a file on your computer to tell its other advertising partners that you have looked at a specific product. Basically, if someone leaves your site without making a decision, you are presenting your advertisement to them keeping your center on their screen.

The Basics

Someone does a search and found your center and clicked through. How ever your listing showed up in that search, you spent money to put your company up there, you spent money to draw that visitor to your site, but they left and moved on to other things. Retargeting now takes over. We can retarget people who have already expressed interest in your facility keeping your center “Top of mind”.


We work hard to target your audience. People who you want to reach are out there also looking for you. Retargeting allows you to continue to present your message to your audience based on information they have already expressed interest in. This is based on the last page the visitor was reading on your site, re-presenting the content that is fresh in their minds. With Retargeting, your site is delivering a highly relevant advertisement.


HIPAA Compliance has been a struggle in the treatment industry when it comes to Retargeting. As of now, not even Google would allow you to retarget across the web for people who have visited your recovery website. By our own standards, we keep your visitor’s privacy a high priority. How we retarget By being very selective in how we advertise and the sites on which we do so, we are able to deliver a HIPAA compliant Retargeting ad to your past visitors.

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