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Television and Radio Advertising

When you purchase calls you are buying from an agency who has advertising on radio and TV. These advertisements are very generalized and will not highlight your specific offerings, which is why you are searching for other options. You got a ton of spam, Medicare, Medicaid, no insurance, or wrong number calls. Over the last 12 months, NTMR has invested to see the quality of calls people were receiving. We worked with our clients to understand why the calls they were buying were also not providing any promise. The result is frustration, and unsustainable CPA.

You also are getting calls from generalized internet paid advertising netting the same results. The web is a very powerful platform for getting your message out, relying on generalized advertising will never meet your needs, and never get your brand or message out.

Branded TV and Radio

Advertising your specific center is the answer. You have a unique location with unique surroundings and offer unique services and modalities, and you have unique amenities. People need to see this. People need to know what you are all about. Most importantly, people call looking for help from your center, within your setting, utilizing your services, and living within your amenities.

We have media experts, and experience in targeting the audience who need your services. We research locations that are experiencing specific epidemics, and focus our media buys to those areas. We get your brand and your message out to people most likely to need your services.

Bottom Line: CPA

You are not buying from a network bank of callers who do not know your brand and usually are sold the call on unspecific information. Very few of these callers are willing to travel, do not have insurance and have no means to pay for treatment. Your CPA is more than the investment in the calls you buy, but also the time you pay for people to be on the phone to direct callers to government agencies.

The calls are directly from your ads. Clients are calling your company understanding your brand having seen a snapshot of your location and surroundings. They call because they want to admit into your facility.

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