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Recovery Program Development and Planning

Opening a center like any new business, starts with a dream. The process of making that dream a reality starts with an idea and knowing what is needed, then putting all of the pieces together. You will need to understand at the end of the idea process what levels of care you wish to provide, the modalities you wish to offer, the amenities of the house and the setting. This plays a roll also in your staffing. Are you going to offer Detox? In Patient, Residential? IOP? Next it is very important that you understand the different treatment modalities. Yoga? holistic treatment? This plays the biggest roll in your staffing decisions. Planning this out at the beginning will pay huge benefits in the long term success of your center. The more time spent reviewing options, and working with a consultant on what is best based on your long term goals the better. the more planning that takes place in the beginning, the more successful the treatment center is from opening day.

Now that we have everything graphed out, we will need to discuss ways to evaluate the recovery center. Constant review of your program will help you understand if your modalities are still the best for your patients. The main focus of this evaluation outline is to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care from your center and that your center is succeeding at its goal. Be flexible and willing to evolve within your plan. We can show you how to accomplish this.

Your center’s longevity starts with planning. Starting a center without proper planning will cost you more in the long run trying to go back and fix issues that come up. A proper plan can avoid these issues in the first place. Work with people who have done the work already. Work with NTMR and make sure you have yourself set up for success!

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