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Lead Generation

Let’s be honest for a minute. You have purchased Leads at a set price per call that was between $40 and $1000 per call. You were promised the incredibly low CPA (Cost Per Admit) but when it comes right down to it, the calls that come in were not sourced to meet your needs or the needs of the caller. The connection made was not a match. The caller has no idea where they are calling, and each caller is sent to a different center without regard to what their insurance can afford, what modality is needed, what amenities are desired or what setting will best work for the caller.

Let’s work together on a different level. we will market Your treatment facility, with insurance that you take, highlighting your setting, your modality and your amenities.

We Take Your Calls

Our team can cut through the weeds. The leads you get from us are already vetted with insurance benefits verified, and ready for assessment and intake. The team is trained to work with people who are at a low point in their lives and trained to brand your facility to potential clients and their families.

Vetting Process

We take the initial raw call. Our team is trained to meet the callers immediate need – a live voice to show them the compassion they need at the moment. During the conversation, we make a connection with the potential client, we talk them through the process, and gather insurance information.

Once we have the insurance information, we have a team that calls the insurance company to run the VOB. We also run the VOB results through our billing company so that we provide you with the best picture of what you can expect to be paid on the given policy.

We give you a complete package, with the client ready for intake. Your team only needs to run through the assessment call with the client and walk them through the door.

Lead Generation Management

If you are looking to take your lead generation past just paying for phone calls, then our rehab lead generation management is right for you. With this offering, we manage all aspects of lead generation for your center specifically. This means things are done on a branded scale, sending traffic to your website to generate the calls and leads you need. There is no pay per call or lead. We charge a management fee for running the programs, and your center gets the benefits. We work within your budget to optimize the branding and marketing of your site. This is a true marketing strategy.

Lead Generation Packages

Paying for phone calls has a much higher CPA than general marketing services. Our lead generation packages allow us to employ specific online and offline marketing strategies to generate the most calls and intakes as possible.

Our marketing doesn’t cap you at the number of calls you receive, but caps us on the budget you are willing to invest. We take this budget and invest based on what is performing the best for your business. This includes, paid search, and SEO of your owned websites.

What is the advantage?

We market you directly. We market your services, your location, your surroundings, your modalities, your amenities. People who purchase calls are needing to spend more time convincing a caller that their center is everything the caller wants, while the caller may have completely different ideas. Those who call from your own marketing already have an idea of your offerings and the conversation can focus more quickly on getting the client admitted.


Results vary based on many factors, ranging from your ability to take a specific insurance, to your level of care offerings. The most important thing to remember is that a number of people will call without insurance or any other way to pay. While we work hard to target those who have insurance that you can take, these calls still come in. Ultimately, You will be spending less time on the phone, and more time admitting clients.

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