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Maximizing Every Minute Of Every Call

With the exception of a few, most facilities don’t have an exuberant monthly marketing budget. If your facility falls into this category than literally nothing else on this website matters more than the following statement. It is vital that you have the right people answering the phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not doing so will leave you with a high CPA and low census regardless of whatever marketing you’re doing.

Each Patient Is Vetted For Your Target Demographic

Our industry is over saturated with an overwhelming number of referral sources, some of which, don’t always have the patient or your demographic’s best interest at heart. In many cases, these referral sources are accustomed to receiving upwards of 10 thousand dollars for a single admission with no guarantee the patient has been vetted. This type of referral can cost your facility above and beyond 10 thousand dollars, resulting in the loss of multiple patients because the client was not properly vetted as a match for your population. If any of this sounds all too familiar, no worries, NTMR has your back.

A Conversion Processing Force To Be Reckoned With

In addition to providing you with primary organic and secondary paid lead generation, we went ahead and built a lead conversion and admissions coordinating force for you. This means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single call we generate for you will be answered, clinically and financially pre-screened with a verification of benefits tailored to your needs, and vetted as a match for your demographic on a long-term treatment path encompassing the entirety of your facility’s continuum of care.

Treatment Consultants

We have a 24/7 call center fully staffed with compassionate Treatment Consultants who treat each call with the attention needed to ensure every caller gets the help they need.

  • Verification of Benefits Tailored To Your Needs
  • Clinical Pre-Assessment
  • Encrypted client information transfer
  • Client Follow-up and retention
  • Admissions Coordination
  • Paid Lead Generation for Immediate Fulfillment

Our Treatment consultants have over 25 years of real world experience in the substance abuse treatment industry around the country. This gives us the unique insight into the needs of the caller, how best to talk to them and direct them to coming into treatment, and how to avoid the conversational pitfalls that cause clients to get cold feet.

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