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Once people are on your site, the goal is to keep them there. Your content must be fresh, engaging, and current. We manage your content on a consistent basis from the text of your web pages to fresh blog posts to current event driven updates. We work tirelessly to keep your message in front of the world and relevant. The more content we can incorporate into your page will help in many areas. People’s decision making, based on the credibility a site can show, to SEO and PPC scoring, not to mention, being your online selling tool. People return to a site with content that is continually providing information that they can use in their decision making process.

We utilize a continuous improvement cycle to keep content new and fresh, relevant and useful. We work hard to keep your facility top of people’s minds once they find you. We build your site so that once people decide to call, your contact information is easily accessible.

Our creative team keeps up to date on trends, news, and the latest updates in treatment. Writing fresh perspectives on the 5 levels of care, different modalities that are being offered, and the effectiveness statistics on existing treatment options, just to name a few.

Treatment Experts

NTMR has years of experience in matching people with treatment centers. We have been reaching people for over 25 years and helping to save lives. Your facility will only benefit from the resources we have to offer.

Our long standing experience with the treatment industry has given us insight into how people make their decisions on treatment. We understand what people look for and what captures their attention in this difficult subject.

We can take your digital footprint even further. We have many digital marketing offerings that you can take advantage of. Content Marketing for your center can take your digital presence to a whole new level

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