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CARF Accreditation Consulting

More and more often, insurance companies are seeking a CARF accreditation with treatment facilities that they are allowing their clients to be admitted through. Your Carf accreditation opens up possibilities for you. According to their website, “Through accreditation, CARF assists service providers in improving the quality of their services, demonstrating value, and meeting internationally recognized organizational and program standards”

The team at NTMR will provide the assistance you need in acquiring the coveted CARF accreditation. We have teamed up with the most experienced people who help treatment centers of all sizes through the accreditation process.

National Treatment Management Resources’ CARF consultants have worked for over 25 years in the treatment industry, we have owned and managed Treatment centers throughout the years. We understand the process of accreditation and understand what it could mean to your center, for example, with this accreditation, more clients are available to come into your center with their insurance.

We take time with you in person and remotely to assist in executing the entire process properly. Mistakes cost time and money to you. Having to go back and correct mistakes or overlooked requirements is expensive. Work with us and get it right the first time, every time.

Let us sit with your team and define your goals and what you want to accomplish. We can draw up a plan of action in every aspect of creating or building your business. We will give you a complete picture of what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals, including accreditations.

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