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New Treatment Centers

Congratulations! You have made the decision to open up your own treatment center. You are fulfilling a dream of many entrepreneurs around the country and going to do treatment your way, with your ideas about how to save lives. This is a new and exciting adventure and the decision is to be commended! Dig into the weeds a bit and you are, before anything else, running a business. You need your license, use permits, plans of action on how to grow and maintain the business, the bills need paid, the program you have in mind needs to be standardized and fit within accepted modalities that insurance will pay for. We are happy to sit with you and work with you to make sure it is all done right the first time.

Our New Center Consulting Covers
  • Business Plan review
  • Startup and 5 year growth plan
  • Internet and marketing plans
  • Staff development
  • Treatment Program creation
  • Licensing
  • Insurance set-up
  • Oversee in-network setup with insurance companies (if you choose)
  • Insurance verification and billing services

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