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Managing Your Blog

News is published daily about the addiction treatment industry. Reports come out about opiate deaths around the nation. We hear about changes in the insurance industry throughout the week. Our team keeps up to date on the industry news and innovations as well as keeping up with you and news about your company and your own innovations. We present content to your targeted audience that is relevant, and captivating.

A well written blog attracts people to your site, but a well built and well managed blog will attract search engines. The blog content should be the most dynamic part of your site, we keep your blog up to date and managed in a way that keeps attention on your site.

Blog Management

National statistics and metrics show that the blog is becoming the most important part of your site as far as search engines are concerned.

Conversions from your blog also cost less than other verticals of your marketing strategy.

When developing an SEO strategy, the first thing that you need to focus on is content. Your site, as a whole, needs to be rich with content. Your content needs to be relevant and flowing. Search engines crawl content first, and continues to follow your site to continue updating your search score which ultimately is the deciding factor in where you show up in searches.

When your blog is properly managed, you have fresh content on your site that is adding content for search engines to score. You also have content that will be shared on social media and create interaction with your target audience.

Original blog content shared to your own social media provides 2 main benefits:

  • Original content will increase your SEO score.
  • Most businesses share someone else’s blog posts, driving traffic to your site.

This Is Where We Come In
  • National Treatment Management Resources keeps your content fresh and relevant. Nothing but benefit can come from continually updated quality content.
  • Current Issues – We diligently keep up on current events that are of interest to your target audience.
  • Regular Posts – A lot of new content on a monthly basis
  • Creation – Quality and exclusive content multiple times per month.
  • Public Visibility – Posted to your site and all Social media networks
  • Promotion – share and boost your posts on multiple platforms.

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