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What We Do

National Treatment Management Resources (NTMR) works with addiction & mental health treatment facilities across the country in an effort to grow their clientele base and increase the effectiveness of all aspects of their facility. NTMR employs some of the most experienced and respected leaders within the addiction and mental health profession. We utilize this experience and our proven techniques to provide a greater change to your facility, not only from a business standpoint, but also from how the very clients you serve experience treatment and life in sobriety after treatment is complete.

How We Do It

NTMR works up from the very foundation of the facility and covers all aspects of their infrastructure. Through analysis and research we are able to discover what areas of your business model or treatment services are in need of the help. We consult with you about our findings and proceed based upon your decisions through our suggestions. Proceeding with extreme haste, we maintain the ability to bring about an instant change in the most critical of business and treatment services. From marketing and branding of the facility; to engaging clients on another level from the initial contact point; our services have an immediate impact on business success.

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Internet Marketing

Web Design

Our website design and development process for drug treatment centers focuses on YOUR vision for your center. We spend the time to understand the tone of your site, and to whom we are targeting. We ensure that your site is exactly what you want. Providing a good conversation on how we align our goals as a marketing firm of converting visitors with your personal preference of design.


Google is the main driver of traffic to almost all websites. It is the first place your clients and their loved ones will hunt for help. NTMR only provides addiction SEO to treatment centers, and our results speak for themselves. We offer national SEO campaigns, which allow you to target cities and states in which you do not have a physical location, and also local SEO, for the centers that want to compete locally, but are not ready for the national scale.

Content Development

Once people are on your site, the goal is to keep them there. Your content must be fresh, engaging, and current. We manage your content on a consistent basis from the text of your web pages to fresh blog posts to current event driven updates. We work tirelessly to keep your message in front of the world and relevant.


Program Consulting

Opening A Center

Opening a drug and alcohol recovery center (rehab center to most) requires two pieces that most people forget about. First, how to legally open a recovery center. There is a lot of paperwork and regulation in this space, so licensure is a must. Two, how to keep it profitable and open. The number one issue we see when people launch a center without our consulting is they don’t have a solid marketing plan in place. You’re not opening a Subway; people wont just show up.


Obtaining licensure is the starting line for your recovery center. Licensing is needed for almost all types of treatment services that you would provide. Some requiring more effort than others.


CARF – Now, more than ever, the CARF accreditation provides a major leg-up in the treatment space. As more and more insurance companies are requiring a CARF accreditation for entry into the facility, those centers certified will find themselves having an easier time finding patients with quality insurance


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National Treatment Management Resources is aptly named. We are the resource you need to get your treatment center running and filled. You want to get into the business of substance abuse rehabilitation and treatment to help people who need it the most. It quickly becomes clear that being successful in this industry takes visibility to the people who need the help. We have a proven track record of making that happen. We will partner with you to be your back office solution, from your marketing to your call center, to your insurance benefits verification and billing to your Customer Record Management. Your center is your investment, and your life. Our goal is that your full concentration can be devoted to your clients, and your program.

We give you the freedom to do just that. We become your partner and handle the business of running your business, while you handle the business of saving lives. We handle the business of reaching potential clients while you focus on integrating these clients into your facility. We aggressively manage all aspects of the Marketing. We take your potential clients initial call and talk them down from the ledge to get them to the point of accepting the help your facility offers. We are proud of being a part of helping people. We are honored to be called into this industry and take that calling seriously. You have the opportunity to take advantage of our vast toolbox.

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